At Limitless Float we pride ourselves on customer service and we try to anticipate your every need so have provided the following:

• Towel

• Shampoo

• Conditioner

• Body Wash

• Earplugs

• Hair Dryer

• Straighteners


Please allow 10 minutes before your session to check in, this is also the time to use the bathroom as you don’t want to get in and out the tank, and get dressed/ undressed in between your float.

Let our team member know if you would like continuous music throughout your float. We suggest only 10 minutes at the start of your float, which automatically fades to 50 minutes of silence for full sensory deprivation.

You will be shown to a private room with your own shower. Please remove all jewellery, make-up, and contact lenses (you don’t want salt water getting under there). Most importantly turn your mobile phone off!

Take a shower including your hair, even if you just had one before you left home. Pat your face dry as you don’t want drips running down it when you’re in the tank, dry your ears and fit the ear plugs. Fit them “well in” as your ears are just below the water line. The earplugs will not stop you from hearing the music.

If you have just shaved, waxed or have any cuts or scratches, dry your skin thoroughly and apply a thin layer of Vaseline (provided on the chair in the room) as the salt water may cause them to sting or be slightly itchy.

We recommend floating nude as swimwear can rub against the skin causing distraction, but go with what makes you comfortable. Do not add perfumes, bath salts or other chemicals to the water. Do not smoke, drink or eat in the tank.


Open the tank door

Hold the sides for stability, as when you enter the tank you will immediately feel the buoyancy of the salt water take hold of your body, and sit down facing into the tank. Move to the center and gently lower yourself back into the solution until you are floating face up in the i-sopod. It is impossible to sink beneath the surface of the water however do not turn on your belly or go face down into the tank, remaining on your back at all times.

You may switch the lights on or off at any time during your floatation session with a button on the left-hand side. However, if you elect to take advantage of the sensory deprivation aspect associated with floatation, please be aware this requires a complete blackout.

Remember that you are in a private room, so you can leave the tank door open whether fully or just a crack, however you may feel a chill if you leave the tank open for the whole hour.

First time customers often put their hands behind their neck. Most find it comfortable to allow their arms to float naturally by their sides.

Try not to splash because water droplets may sting your eyes. If this happens, rinse your eyes with the water bottle hanging inside the tank.

The music will start in the pod as a cue to the beginning of your session time.

Relax. Your mind may take time to switch off due to the daily stimulation however don’t get frustrated as your muscles will be relaxing regardless. Concentrate on your breathing and you will eventually ‘drift off’ from your thoughts and body discomforts.

After an hour the music will return, indicating time to get out. Sometimes people don’t notice the music due to the deep relaxation however the light will automatically turn on and the pod will start its filter cycle.

Open the door by pushing up on any part of the door. Carefully stand up and step out of the tank by holding the sides, taking care not to slip.

Jump straight in the shower to thoroughly wash your body and hair of the Epsom salts. Be sure to rinse your ears thoroughly after floating, as in rare cases, if allowed to crystallize on the eardrum, the salt can cause earaches.


Please vacate the room within 10 minutes at the end of your float, as we have to prepare for the next client. However there is a room where you can dry and style your hair and apply your make-up to those rested and, likely, more youthful faces.

Finally we understand that going back into that busy world is a hard task after such a serene experience so we have created a quiet space for you to retreat to if you wish, where you can sit and have a complimentary herbal tea or water before you leave.


• A qualified person has not showed you how to use the i-sopod floatation tank.

• You are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances.

• You have not consulted with your health practitioner as per the health conditions in the FAQ

• You were medically advised not to float.

• You are not confident of being able to get out of the pod due to lack of personal mobility.

• You are under 18 years old.

• You are severely sun burnt or have just had a fresh tattoo within the past week

• You have recently dyed your hair and the water is not running clean.

• If it has been less than two weeks since you experienced gastroenteritis/diarrhoea